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Digital Marketing Portfolio


I run three websites, one of which I made from scratch and one which is hosted on Shopify.

Buon Giorno Deli at www.buongiornodeli.com

This website was build from scratch on a LAMP stack using PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Google Tag Manager is used to track visitors and number of menu downloads.

Osteria I Nonni at www.osteriainonni.com

This website existed in another form when I was hired. I transferred it to its own server so we could use our own data to generate menus and use a software of our choice to take reservations.

Sunfish Cellars at www.sunfishcellars.com

This site is hosted by Shopify. Shopify has SEO tools and product management tools that make managing the site convenient. Moreover, we are able to accept online payments through their integrated payment system. I am familiar with Shopify Liquid, apps, shipping, and general management of Shopify sites.

Shopify Programming

Mailchimp Emails

I have used Mailchimp to create and send emails. This is a screenshot of an email that went out to approximately 7,000 members on our mailing list.

Mailchimp Photo

Google Merchant

I have written custom code that converts our Shopify merchandise to csv files that can be used for the Google and Bing Merchant feeds. You can see the code that I created to convert from Shopify to Google Merchant here.

Messenger Bot

I have not had the opportunity to create a messenger bot for any company I am working for so I used some of my own money to create a ManyChat bot. I build a Choose Your Own Adventure game using the ManyChat developer tools. My goal was to generate interest in the game. I only created about 5 minutes of story.

ManyChat was $10.00 per month and I spent $10.00 on a Facebook ad. This was the ad I ran:

Facebook ad

Ad you can see below, my COA was $0.38 and I had 26 conversations. I was happy with the result and know now that if I create a CYOA game I can build an audience of free users quickly. Here are the results:

Ad performance

A few of my friends subscribed and I subscribed using my personal account for testing purposes Here is the ManyChat graph of subscribers:

Subscriber growth

I wonder how quickly I could build a following if I tried to monetize. I would need more content to justify charging money. Most of the feedback I got from users was that the game was fun but too short, even though it was free. I have not spent the time creating more content but it's a project I may take up one day.